Services we provide...

Achieving online platform ambitions:

By providing formalised enterprise services, company API, innovative e-commerce process design and apps all hosted in a private cloud

Design, build and run of enterprise services:

Design, build and run of process workflow, custom business services and document management solutions (Microsoft Sharepoint, Office 365)

Design, build and run of digital platform assets:

Applications(i.e. web sites, apps), API and supporting systems(i.e. content management, workflow)

Design, build and run of private cloud solutions:

Microsoft Azure hosting of (customized) Microsoft Azure services

We are able to...

Design platforms

Using the enterprise (i.e. requirements, process) perspective ,
the solution (i.e. technology, cloud) perspective and
the software (i.e. software development) perspective.

Build platforms

API and services development (using major Web frameworks),
Data-technology (database, NoSQL) ,
Specific Microsoft (.net) technology stack (notably MSFT Sharepoint)

Run and Maintain platforms

Using the Microsoft Azure cloud services.

Who are we...

Chris van Zadel

Enterprise architect / Solution architect / Software developer

About me

Experienced software developer, turned software architect, turned team manager,turned (e-commerce) consultant, turned (multiple) business owner. There is no external motivation necessary for me to get the people concerned, involved and committed into creating high quality (software) solutions based on some form of architecture.


At the end of 2008 I started a company 'part of the solution' to facilitate freelance software architecture assignments. This has evolved into a starting point as a consultant to develop enterprise architecture services. At the start of 2010 I joined two partners in creating a cloud services company to develop services to the driving instruction industry. (http://www.rijbewijsinfo.nl) At the start of 2013 I joined 'call for action u.a.' a so-called 'co-operation' of highly skilled professionals in the e-business sector, owning their own company, but pitching and executing projects together to get the best of all worlds for our clients.

System behavior competencies

(To name a few) E-commerce systems, (big) Data distribution, App development, Real-time systems, System Integration

Role competences

Specialties: software development, software architectures, enterprise architecture, IT architecture, product development, platform development,agile development, agile business, business re-engineering, team leader, microsoft enterprise services, system integration, architecture and solutions


Home automation, Documentaries, Music, Drone Flying, System behavior (Human and IT), Transformation processes

Tony den Doop

Solution architect / Software developer

About me

An experienced software developer with a drive to deliver the coolest solutions and applications. A creative mind always looking for challenges : Interested in the latest technology, code-languages and frameworks. Co-owner of several start-ups.


At the start of 2005 I started as a mid-lancer to facilitate SharePoint (2001 > 2016) Solutions, Web Development and Architecture Assignments. Delivering major projects for several corporate organizations. Besides delivering software, organizing Hands-on Workshops and coaching is also part of the services portfolio. In April 2010 I started ‘Infinitely’ to step from a mid-lance position into a full freelance position. This enabled me to develop and get experienced in every aspect of Mobile App Development. With an enormous range of back-end, front-end and designing skills I am an expert in delivering on every level.

System behavior competencies

SharePoint Development, app development, Azure platform.

Role competences

Specialties: software (front- and back-end) development, software architectures, IT architecture, product development, platform development, team leader, trainer, microsoft sharepoint development, system integration, architecture and solutions


Producing Music, cars, watches, mobile Devices, gadgets, gaming, documentaries, psychology, fitness, MMA.

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